Privacy Policy

OceanBlocks understands that protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance. We are committed to ensuring all personal data supplied by visitors and users of our websites remains secure – an endeavour which we take very seriously. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, utilise, and responsibly manage such information.

Access to other websites via OceanBlocks partner channels

By clicking on one of our partner links, you can further explore the vast expanse of the internet. However, be aware that – OceanBlocks’ reputable privacy policy does not cover these websites. To ensure your safety and satisfaction when surfing, take a moment to review any pertinent policies before accessing new sites.

What data OceanBlocks collects, and why do we collect it

OceanBlocks is dedicated to understanding the finer details of your online experience. To do so, we collect standard information from your browser when you visit our websites, such as technical info like IP address and operating system or preferences, including time zone settings. We use this data for administration purposes, troubleshooting, research initiatives and surveys designed to ensure you get a tailored browsing experience every single time.

At OceanBlocks, we utilise the latest technology to give you an even better experience when visiting our sites ( . We anonymously collect and log data about your visit through’ cookies’, such as what pages were viewed and how long they were opened. We then use this information in aggregate form to gain deeper insights into user behaviour so that every return trip is more productive than before.

OceanBlocks Cookies

When you visit a website, it may write a small data file known as a cookie onto your hard drive. This savoury treat can contain information like user IDs that the site uses to track which pages were visited and any preferences for future visits. Keep in mind that cookies will not allow websites access to personal info unless granted by users, nor are they able to read files from other sites.

OceanBlocks provides a personalised experience through the use of cookies, as they help track user traffic and ensure that services provided on the site work optimally. Users have complete control over their cookie settings – setting up browser notifications to alert when one is received or refusing all cookies altogether by disabling them in your browser. However, it is encouraged to keep this feature turned on for optimal site performance.

Providing personal information

With your permission, OceanBlocks may ask for small snippets of personal info that are essential to provide you with certain services – like letting you know about the latest news or providing more details on what we offer, which includes a few tidbits such as name, email, location, and contact number so we can stay in touch.

  • In order to ensure a secure connection between you and us, we collect the information necessary for providing the requested services.
  • This data will never be shared with anyone else without your consent — unless it is in the context of an investigation or as part of our responsibility towards other third parties.

Disclosure of the information we collect.

Whilst your privacy and safety are a priority, we want to keep our services of the highest quality. OceanBlocks may discreetly share non-sensitive personal information with advisors, IT service providers and carefully selected third parties who can help us offer you more suited products. We also take legal action when needed in order to uphold full compliance with the Terms & Conditions for users utilising our site.

The OceanBlocks Group operates throughout Australia, and thus your personal information may be shared between its members once you provide it to us. In case of a business sale or asset purchase involving third parties, we can also share relevant parts of said confidential info with them to allow proper due diligence to occur. Each entity is bound by a strict confidentiality agreement that ensures the protection of this delicate data; furthermore, they are prohibited from using your details for any purpose other than what was initially intended in our Privacy Policy.

Transfer of your personal information to other countries

It is important to know that when you agree to this Privacy Policy, your personal information may be shared with parties outside of the country in which it was created. Although these countries may have less stringent data protection requirements than Australia, OceanBlocks will still take all necessary steps to maintain security and privacy for any transferred data.


OceanBlocks respects your personal security and has a vested interest in keeping your data safe. We employ top-notch measures to protect against unauthorised access to information, helping us ensure that the details you entrust with us stay private.

Access to personal data and right to rectification

Gain control and visibility over your data with OceanBlocks. Send a request to ‘General Enquiries’ at [email protected] for access to the personal information we hold about you. Moreover, if any of it needs updating, make that known in another request – our goal is always accuracy, completeness and timeliness when safeguarding your details.

Changes to this Privacy Policy and Contact

OceanBlocks is committed to keeping its users up-to-date on any changes that may occur in our privacy policy. If you have a specific data-related question, comment, or request, then reach out via [email protected], and we will assist.

Web Site Warnings Policy – Hoax emails

Despite its best efforts, OceanBlocks faces a seemingly relentless barrage of fraudulent representation from individuals not affiliated with the team. Fortunately, their initiatives to protect grantees, investees, suppliers, and shareholders have been largely successful in mitigating this malicious activity – thwarting any attempts by these scammers at causing substantial harm or disruption. Unfortunately, some common scams remain pervasive; nevertheless, we persevere persistently.

OceanBlocks takes the security of its customers very seriously and warns users to be wary of hoax emails they may receive purporting to come from our senior executives or employees. These fraudulent messages seek personal details with false promises that consumers will have access to grants/investments and employment offers – all proving too good to be true. Please do not fall for it: stay informed and trust only verified sources when engaging with OceanBlocks.

OceanBlocks has a rigorous recruitment system that only accepts applications through an official process. Do not be fooled by suspicious emails purporting to offer employment – these messages are not from us but should be deleted and ignored.