About OceanBlocks

What better way to stay one step ahead of the carbon game than with verified climate-friendly offset tokens pre-purchased from OceanBlocks? By unlocking the true worth of carbon tokens, OceanBlocks is building a bridge between physical assets and digital representations – SFTs/NFTs. These actions allow corporations to get ahead on their required emissions offsets by anticipating how much they’ll need via precise projections provided by OceanBlocks tools.

Corporate powerhouses and middle market entities can design their destiny with OceanBlocks. By leveraging ESG strategies that monitor emissions and help improve annual reductions, businesses can benefit from modern technological advances and a more reliable circular economy system – ultimately putting sustainability at the forefront of success.

Compliant and Decentralised

Regulatory compliance must be stringently sought after and balanced with transparency and decentralisation; the core value proposition for the blockchain technology.

Carbon token projects and tokens have seen their value drop due to the lack of trust in quantifiable products on the market. To ensure proper trust and compliance are maintained in this quickly growing space, transparency must be combined with decentralisation – a challenge that OceanBlocks blockchain technology looks set to solve.

With more people interested in carbon-reduction markets transitioning towards regulation, it’s no surprise that these innovative token solutions are gaining attention for offering a viable solution for greenwashing prevention and double accounting issues.

Value Proposition

Instead of relying on trust, we live by the mantra “Prove it!”. Our full-circle tokenisation process provides ultimate transparency thanks to blockchain technology and comprehensive governance from token creation to retirement. Our value is magnified by providing proper ESG consultation for corporations and our ability to be factual and transparent. We are positioning OceanBlocks to be the diamond standard of carbon tokens.


Greenwashing / Double-Spend
  • The world is rife with greenwashing and money-making schemes that do not better the planet.
  • Providing a trustworthy end-to-end solution to trade carbon is complex, as there are so many gaping holes in the legitimacy of carbon assets globally.
  • Keeping an accurate account of asset health and the sequestration volumes of the associated assets requires consistent upkeep and precise data recording.
  • Without factful proof mechanisms in place, proving the legitimacy of carbon offsets is incredibly challenging.


Ability to Verify
  • OceanBlocks is building a strong link between physical assets and the digital world, creating carbon credits that are real and verifiable.
  • We use blockchain technology to digitally represent carbon captured and sequestered in the real world, which we later trade.
  • Providing a mechanism to generate carbon offsets/credits in a way that they cannot be 'double spent' and providing a simple, secure interface and marketplace where these offsets can be created.
  • We focus on the management, rehabilitation and development of natural carbon assets.

High Level Token Structure

Token Types


Asset Tokenisation


Utility Token


Token Caps

Capped to AuM by OceanBlocks
Phase One Q1 2023
Institutional Capital Raise Assets / Technology
Phase Two Q2 2023
Tokenisation of Assets Ecosystem / Asset Token on-Chain
Phase Three Q3 2023
Carbon Sequestration Tokenisation Process
Phase Four Q3 2023
Liquidity Pool Enabling Trading Pairs
Phase Five Q4 2024
Redemption Mechanism Via Conversion / Burn

OceanBlocks Business Ecosystem

The full OceanBlocks ecosystem overview and flow.

Our Documents

As OceanBlocks grow, the documents will evolve together with our journey. Here are some of our most important documents.

Our Technology

The OceanBlocks platform will be built on top of an efficient and sustainable blockchain to carry through the ethos of the very thing it is trying to achieve.

Secure & Efficient Consensus

There are various pros and cons to different consensus mechanisms. OceanBlocks utilise the most fitting one, taken into consideration its obligations to compliance, sustainability and transparency.

Accessible & Sufficiently Decentralised

OceanBlocks will leverage the power of decentralisation to ensure that the data contained on-chain represents a single source of verifiable truth, which cannot be easily censored or blocked.

Fast Transaction Finality

As the world gears toward 2050, there will be an increase in the demand through cap-and-trade schemes. OceanBlocks will enable near-instant finality in on-chain trades.


As demand increases, so will our AuM. OceanBlocks is built with scalability in mind, and its underlying blockchain will also have equal ability to scale as needed.


The OceanBlocks team are working tirelessly to achieve and surpass the milestones and roadmap outlined below. Please note that due to market conditions and regulatory compliance, the roadmap timelines may adapt accordingly.

  • The ideation of OceanBlocks
  • Structural Mapping
2021 Q4
Market Research
  • Current Market Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Compliance and Regulation
2022 Q1-Q2
Research / Strategy Paper
  • Strategic direction and positioning of OceanBlocks
  • Defining different arms of OceanBlocks
2022 Q3
Structural Setup
  • Setup of necessary structures and entities
2022 Q3-Q4
Government Approval
  • Deciding on jurisdiction as HQ
  • Obtaining regulatory approval from governing body
2022 Q4
  • Creation and development of Whitepaper
  • Extensive tokenomics and regulatory details outlined
2023 Q1-Q2
Initial Capital Raise
  • Capital raising
  • Restricted access (institutions only)
2023 Q1
Asset Aggregation
  • Base layer of asset aggregation
  • 10 different jurisdictions, 10 separate assets
2023 Q3
  • Establishment of development partnership
  • Development of the MVE / MVP
2023 Q4
Beta Launch
  • Launching of public beta
  • Restricted access
2024 Q1
Public Launch & Growth
  • Public and retail access to OceanBlocks
  • Growth in volume and asset available

Our Team

The OceanBlocks team brings different people from diverse backgrounds to ensure successful direction and execution.

Ryan Babbage
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Jeff Chamberlain
Chief Financial Officer
Lachlan Mee
Chief Innovation Officer
Marios Tryfonides
Capital Advisor & Strategist


Joe Wu
Blockchain Solutions Architect
Phil Taphouse
Carbon Accounting / Blockchain Design


Chloe White
Victoria Wells
Ash Kalra

OceanBlocks Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we attempt to debunk and demystify some of the most frequently asked questions or queries both for retail and for institutions.

A carbon token can be described as a digital representation of a real-world asset which captures CO2. The key differentiator is that carbon tokens capture CO2 in proven levels which can be later traded against carbon accounts that have overshot their carbon allocations. Captured carbon derived from carbon assets like Green Carbon and Blue Carbon environments provides quantifiable volumes of carbon typically calculated in tonnes of CO2.

In 2020, the demand for carbon offsets was at a 4 to 1 ratio which means the demand outstripped the available supply (World Bank Group 2020). As demand increases, the value of carbon offsets is poised to skyrocket, setting new price curves for carbon markets.

What constitutes high quality carbon credits

Carbon trading is a tool available to companies who wish to purchase offsets to rebalance their carbon accounts. Market participants use instruments, units, or allowances (in this instance, tokens) to exchange their emissions, climate risks and exposures for offsets recognised by government bodies.

Under the Cap-and-Trade schemes, governments allocate industries with allowances that are capped. If organisations emit carbon beyond their ceiling, they either must pay a carbon tax or purchase verifiable carbon offsets from an exchange. At times companies traded their allowances and carbon credits with market participants who require extra allocation.

Greenwashing and double-accounting are some of the biggest problems of the systems currently in place. There are many complexities and divergent approaches to developing trusted carbon tokens resistant to greenwashing and double accounting, which has seen numerous carbon projects and tokens reduce value and trust in the market. The acceleration of carbon tokens has been partly due to the lack of supply (of trusted, quantifiable tokens) and the immense speculative future value of carbon tokens as voluntary markets are fast transitioning to compliance.

Problems with the current Carbon Trading Ecosystem

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